[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
An der Fähre Village Guard

It took another flu laying me down before I found the time to continue on these models...

I slightly changed the background part:

What is now called "An der Fähre" (At the Ferry) started out as the cottage of Karl Ruderer, who operated a small ferry business at a infrequently used travel route in the Hegemony. When the neighbouring barony imposed taxes on the trade of pigs (any connection with the baron's son marrying the daughter of the largest pig farmer of the barony were of course purely coincidential) more and more merchants dealing in pigs started to use this route, circumventing the tax imposing barony, soon small queues started to build on both sides of the river, which soon let to inns being opened; shortly thereafter smiths settled there, food was needed so some farmers joined... and very quickly a village formed - named after the place it is situated at - the ferry.

The Bürgermeister soon was forced to spend money on a permanent village guard, as drunkards needed to be arrested, disputes between merchants needed to be deescalated (especially when the merchants employed caravan guards) and raids by bandits needed to be stopped.

The core of the village guard is a company of halberdiers.

The flag of the village is

showing the animal on the ferry that made the village. The colours of the two halves of the flag as well as the uniforms will be pink (representing the pigs) and blue (representing the river).

There is a mix of uniforms currently being worn, the old one (left in the picture below) consisted of pink trousers and a blue blouse. As the guards were often teased with wearing their pajama trousers, the uniform was changed to both trousers and blouses being halfed in blue and pink (right model). The company is in transition of style of uniforms, so you can find both variants among them.

Current status is the blue and pink having washes applied.

I started to practise the coat of arms freehand, but I still have a way to go...