[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Town House WD131

I built these cottages some years ago, also from an article in an old White Dwarf:

Since then I wanted to add some town houses from the article in White Dwarf 131 - finally I started to do some more nostalgic stuff :-)

I recently got a Proxxon Thermo Cut 230/e for my birthday present, this is my first project with the machine. I wasted some styrodur to get the hang of it, and quickly got respectable results. There is still a lot of improvement in handling the Thermo Cut, but for now I was happy.

I cut the shapes of the plan

from a sheet of styrodur, then sliced off 5mm thick slices - this way I had to cut the actual shape of each part only once, then multiplied the part. Only the chimneys were done in 1cm thick slices.

I then glued the walls by using Lego blocks for right angles.

I glued a ground floor and a first floor into the buildings for added stability. The first floor also gives more space to place miniatures inside with this design.


The first of the houses will be the shop of a merchant. The ground floor is build from stone (business is good) with a big arched window (which will be sectioned into smaller panels) to represent his wares. Of course this idea only struck after gluing the walls, it would habe been easier to make the cuts before... I carved the stones with a round tipped biro, depressed some of the stones for a more three dimensional effect, then added structure with a ball of tin foil

For the ridge on the roof I followed an idea from the article. I drilled holes into a piece of wood, then cut in half, thus creating two ridges at once.