More Vehicles

I received another delivery from Jon at Ground Zero Games (only about 5kg), and started right away on the first models.

With my last order I got some civilian trucks, which I intended for the colonists I already owned, but did not have any detailed plan for them. When I started to work on them, I painted them according to the two colour schemes I painted the colonists in; then dubbed them TecServ (technical services) and ConsServ (construction services). Having defined these themes, I immediately had more ideas for more vehicles I would need...

First is a transporter for all the construction workers to get them on site. I used the Colonial Rover line for ConServ, but a passenger cabin is only available with the Colonial Ranger line. As I also needed another Ranger this was no problem.

The passenger cabin on the right, the original cargo module on the right.

As the underbody of the Rover is longer than that of the Ranger, I need to fill the gap. I will try to do this in a way which implies a longer passenger cabin.

The Ranger the passenger cabin came from will be converted to a turntable ladder truck. The technicians need to get to higher installations like pylons, chimneys, etc. after all. After looking around, I finally ended up with a 1/87 scale die cast fire engine.

I cut up the Ranger underbody and prolonged it with card. From Depron and plastic card I created a platform, which will take the screw from the orignal model to fix the turntable ladder and allow it to be rotated (instead of gluing it in place). Still more detailing work to be done.

When I shopped for the fire engine, I also came across a mobile excavator and four wheel loader, which I thought to be a good addition to ConServ. The models will be mostly used as they are with a new paint job, only the wheels will be exchanged. I will try to build some wheels that look siminlar to those from the Rover line of trucks to tie them in.

The last vehicle is for the three medics I painted, a VTOL ambulance. I left the chin mounted gun turret off, and instead installed a search headlight (taken from the Rover truck).