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Dwarf Reinforcements

I have a small Dwarf Army, which consists (except for the general and army standard bearer) only of plastic models from the 7th edition 'Battle for Skull Pass' boxed game. When we played our first 3rd edition battle, it became apparent that my models do not make up a 'legal' army, as the compulsory complement of crossbowmen is missing.

So I was looking for some cheap plastic miniatures, which will be painted as quick as the already existing army: base colours and army painter strong tone. I found them in the form of em4miniature's Dwarves. I don't think I bought cheaper miniatures, ever. There are only three poses available, but the quality is quite good, especially concerning the price.

The models come with an integral base, which is way bigger as the 20x20mm used in Warhammer, so I had to clip it off. I then trimmed the underside of the boots, and placed the models beside some of the Games Workshop ones, to check for height:

The are quite a bit taller, so I tried to get the eyes to about the same level. I cut off the boots, trimmed away the shaft of the boots and glued them back on.

Now the models are more equal in height, but I think I can cut off some more.

I cut off the bases over the last 2-3 weeks whenever I had some moments spare time, when watching tv, etc. But I still need to remove the flash from all the models...