[Birthday Present]

One present done, on to the next. Originally, this one should have been done for Christmas as well, but time was just too short...

I paint miniatures during my lunchbreaks. More than once, my boss entered my office while I was painting and always looked very interested at what I was doing, while stating that he could never paint such small details and would not have the patience for such a hobby. Also more than once he said, that at some point in time I have to paint him a miniature too.

That point in time is now :-)

While I cannot do Christmas any more, his birthday is in January, this I should be able to make.

The miniature(s) I choose are linked to his ancestry, which includes smiths from eastern Europe, these were called Kalweit in certain areas.

I ordered a pack of smiths from Foundry, and by chance came across some Russians from the Seven Years War with a suitable pose and horse - I am not sure whether the Seven Years War affected any of my boss' ancestors, but that is an uncertainty I am willing to take for artistic reasons :-)

The models are cleared of flash, some minor filling/resculpting done, and are ready to be base coated.