[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

With the Orks nearly finished, I prepared their opponents, by doing all the airbrush steps on them today. The opponents are of course the classical ones, Space Marines. I choose the Knight models from Alternative Armies for them, the Chapter is named "Imperial Flush" (which will more sense when you see their iconography) - a non-codex chapter as you can see from their organisation in the pictures below.

As with the Orks, I bought these models quite some while ago, in November 2011. They are ready build (well, except one flag pole which I forgot to build) since January 2012. They are as they came, except that all the leader models were equipped with Mechanical Hammers from MaxMini.eu and I added flag poles to the leaders from plastic rod.

When painting them, I roughly followed "How to paint Blood Ravens Space Marine" by Lester Bursley as published on his YouTube channel "Awesome Paint Job". For colours I used:

After a basecoat of the surface primer, the models were sprayed black (forming the deepest shadows), then from a 90° angle with Mahagony in downward strokes, then with half Mahagony/half Carmine from about a 45° angle and finally with Carmine from the top and in selected spots (like shoe tips, extended hips, etc).

Then the models were sprayed in gloss varnish.

Now the brush work can begin.