Board and Miniatures

While casting the molds 1-2 times a day to build up the needed number of squares, I removed the mold lines from the EM-4 miniatures in parallel.

I will not use the backpacks supplied with the models, as these fighters are not on a campaign, but on short arena fights. This leaves them with big holes in their backs, though...

To cover these I printed the following quite simple geometric forms on slighty thicker than usual paper

and glued two stacked pieces to each back to represent the body armour.

For the planned way to base the models, the bar below the feet is not helpful, so I removed it. Insted, I inserted a paper pin in one foot of each model. They will first be used to hold the model while being painted, later cut down and used to secure the model in the base.

The paper armour was then sealed with gloss varnish, before rinsing the models in warm soapy water to remove any casting residues.