We played Eclipse for the last couple of times with our boardgame group of people, so I thought it was about time to get the miniatures painted.

The Mechanema are the white player aliens. When looking at their portrait, I immediately thought turquoise tinted white. And that is how I painted them.

I basecoated them in 73.601 Grey Primer applied through my airbrush, then sprayed them in 1:10 71.001 White : 72.024 Falcon Turquoise.

They were then drybrushed white, and then got some white highlights painted on where the drybrush was not enouh.

Metal areas were painted 71.073 Black.

The windows I painted in

  • 72.015 - Hexed Lichen
  • 72.014 - Warlord Purple
  • 72.013 - Squid Pink

I then painted a dark spot with SWW002 Heavy Body Black over the Hexed Lichen, and added a white dot to represent light reflection.

The models were then sprayed with gloss varnish and had a Winsor and Newton Lamp Black oil wash (mixed with Sansodor) applied, which was afterwards rubbed off the high areas with qtips and Sansodor.

Finally, the models were sealed with matt varnish.