[Christmas Present]

I painted the robe in a very pale pastel colour. I used the turquoise from the wings mixed into white.

  • 72.024 Falcon Turquoise (tiny little amount)


    71.001 White

  • more 71.001 White added in several steps
  • pure 71.001 White
  • 70.951 White

The 71.001 I like very much for blending, as it is quite liquid and can be applied in very thin coats whithout the colour being runny. I might be wrong, but I always have the feeling that for a final stark white highlight, 70.951 is better suited and gives a brightness you cannot get with the 71.001.

With the whites still on the palette, I highlighted the hair over the grey base colour first with 71.001 then with 70.951 and painted in the eyeballs with 70.951.