[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
An der Fähre Village Guard

What is now called "An der Fähre" (At the Ferry) started out as the cottage of Karl Ruderer, who operated a small ferry business at a infrequently used travel route in the Hegemony. When more and more merchants started to use this route, soon small queues started to build on both sides of the river, which soon let to inns being opened; shortly thereafter smiths settled there, food was needed so some farmers joined... and very quickly a village formed - named after the place it is situated at - the ferry.

The Bürgermeister soon was forced to spend money on a permanent village guard, as drunkards needed to be arrested, disputes between merchants needed to be deescalated (especially when the merchants employed caravan guards) and raids by bandits needed to be stopped.

The core of the village guard is a company of halberdiers.

The miniatures I ordered from Mirliton, one pack of each of their halberdiers (I, II, III and command group) from their fantasy human range. They delivered very quickly, great service!

The miniatures are very nice. They have crisp detail, are very varied in details but still look like one type of troop, and no pack has duplicates. Especially the variety in equipment is very fitting in my opinion, as in medieval type times there was no real uniformity, as basically very piece of equipment was manufactures as a one of a kind due to lack of industrialised manufacturing. The mold lines are very small, even the ones going over the chainmail are easily removed.

The only complaint I have about them is the basing. No bases are supplied with them (which is fine, as depending on which game their customers want to use the models for they would need round, square 25mm, square 20mm, hex, ... bases), instead they have quite thick integral bases. When glued to the 20mm bases usually used for Warhammer humans, the integral base basically doubles the base height - so I have to cut them down. This is not difficult but tedious work.

The first 5 models have the mold lines removed but are not yet glued to the bases - this I will only do when all minis are ready, so I can rank them up in the formation I will most often use them, 5 wide and 4 deep.