A gaming board in a weekend

I painted these models quite some time ago, but so far never used them in a game.

Now a new colleague who learnt about my hobby asked for a game during lunch break, so I thought again of these small models, which would need a smaller game board.

Only problem: I neither have a board nor any terrain...

The above models I painted according to the scenario description of Ork Hill. So it will be this scenario I have time to build terrain for this weekend... You grow with your challenges...

Here you can see my interpretation of the terrain description from the scenario:

So I need two hills, four buildings and the board. The woods will be brown felt areas with aquarium plants I already have (probably too large, but ready) and for the river/marsh I will use blue felt. So I hope the building and painting can be accomplished this weekend.

First, the board. It is 50751.2cm MDF. It got coated with PVA and sprinkled with bird cage sand. I then painted it in orange brown.

The buildings I designed on the computer, printed them and glued the prints to corrugated card board. I the cut the windows before cutting the walls. For gluing, I used Lego blocks to get nice 90° corners. There is a floor, inner walls that close the windows from the inside and serve as pillars for the roof and finally the roof. As I don't like 'unlogical' terrain, I needed an access to the roof. So I cut squares from card board, cut away the edges and glued them onto the roof as hatches. When dry, I covered the buildings in ready made wall spackle.