[15mm IABSM]
South of Cherbourg

I started to paint the US Army miniatures. With the Brits and Germans I used techniques I usually use on 28mm miniatures, and it took forever, including, especially with the Germans, painting burn out. For the US guys I plan to use a much quicker approach - base colour and black oil wash.

The miniatures are now drying, having had a gloss varnish coat applied, tomorrow I will see if the simple wash will satisfy me.

Colours used:

  • 70.846 Mahogany Brown (boots, pistol holsters, helmet straps, knife scabbards)
  • 70.873 US Field Drab (trousers)
  • 70.988 Khaki (jacket)
  • 70.821 German C. Beige WWII (anklets)
  • 70.886 Green Grey [50%] + 70.820 Offwhite [50%] (webbing, backpacks)
  • 70.818 Red Leather (rifles, spades)
  • 71.073 MM Gun Metal Metalizer [70%] + 70.521 Metal Medium [30%] (rifles, spades, canteen top)
  • 70.815 Basic Skintone (skin)
  • 70.887 Brown Violet (helmets)
  • 70.975 Military Green (grenades, binoculars, radios)