[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Temple

According to the building instructions from Hirst Arts, this is the rear center wall.

Which does not look right to me. So I changed it to the same top pieces as the rest. Here is the completed enclosure with the roof not glued in place (the top of the colum is still missing).

I again used a 5mm MDF base, bevelled the edges and strengthened them with filler. Then I applied acrylic caulking and spread it out in a thin layer.

This was the base for me using a Textured Green Stuff World Roller Pin for the first time. I used water to wet it, which was too much, made the acrylic too soft and took away too much material. But as I only wanted to have the pattern show through sand here and there this was fine.

On the still not cured acrylic caulking I placed the temple as well as four pillars with torches on top.

When everything was dry, I marked the width of the entrance to place some steps leading to it.

Then the base was sanded.