[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Priests

For the icon I choose a symbol of Nekhbet from the internet and printed it. Then I tried to recreate that in a 3d version. I wanted to have the forward wing raised above the body, the rear wing lowered below the body, etc.

The first attempt was to carve it from foam. But this failed miserably. It would perhaps worked better with a hot wire cutter than a knife, but the edges especially were very flimsy and I did not trust them to last.


The second attempt was to carve it from grey stuff. While the first layer went okayish, the second clearly showed that I have no sculpting skills whatsoever...


So in the end I glued several icons on another layer of paper, and cut out the different layers, then gluing them on top of each other.


The priest got a piece of brass rod glued into his hand to mount the icon on.