[Christmas Present]

Last bits to paint were the feathers hanging on the belt. I did not want to paint them white, but also did not want to add another colour to the model, so I decided for grey and drab blue.

First I painted the sides and undersides in Charcoal to be left as a sort of blacklining, to get more contrast between the feathers and the gown. The feathers were then painted grey, the tips blue. I did not apply any shading/highlighting, this will be done by the oilwash.

  • 72.155 Heavy Charcoal
  • 70.989 Sky Grey
  • 70.816 Luftwaffe Uniform WWII

After touching up some mistakes, painting is done.

I then glued the wings onto the Zwölfe.

Next up is constructing the key, and the diorama base.