[Birthday Present]

I spent about another 12 hours on Sunday on the diorama, finishing it at 0:30. After the matt varnish dried over night, all that was left to do in the morning was gluing the plastic base to the wooden base.

Thanks to DHL's reluctance to do their job, it was pretty tight finishing the present in time. I had not two full days instead of two weeks I could have worked on the base.

Due to the time pressure I did not take many notes concerning colours used.


I covered the joints in putty to represents the connecting pieces. The chimney was then pinned to the wood beam for added stability.


The coals were first painted in 70.951 white.


I then painted 71.002 Yellow over it. Due to the white the yellow is more vibrant.


Leaving the yellow in the recesses, I painted the higher areas in 72.009 Hot Orange


The final layer was done 72.155 Heavy Charcoal, representing the coldest part of the coals.


After gluing the miniatures into place, I used plaster to hide their integral bases before gluing fine bird cage sand below the roof and coarser sand around the building.


From 0.4mm brass wire I created the chain links for the business sign.


The roof was done from strips of shingles cut from card.


After applying the matt varnish, I painted the inside of the water bucket with gloss varnish again, to make it shine and look wet.

The finished present