[Song of Drums and Shakos]
Black Brunswickers

I started painting the miniatures with the eyes.

Next I painted the skin. I used Vallejo 70.804 Beige Red as a base color, and mixed random browns into it to make each miniature a bit different.

The first highlight was applied with Beige Red.

A second highlight followed by mixing white or lighter skin colors to the Beige Red; again trying to create some variety.

The hair came next, using random browns I still had on the wet palette.

The rifles were basecoated in a mix of 70.872 Chocolate Brown and 70.875 Beige Brown.

To imitate woodgrain I painted stripes of 70.875 Beige Brown along the lenght of the musket.

Smaller stripes of 70.875 Beige Brown mixed with 70.981 Orange Brown were applied next. (Not really visible in the photo.)

With 71.065 Steel and 70.801 Brass I picket out the metal areas on the muskets.

The steel areas were then washed with thinned 72.094 Blach Ink, the brass areas with 70.939 Smoke.