[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nordvolk Mercenary Journeymen

Among the Nordvolk there are not many rich families that can offer their offspring a good start into their own independent lifes. At the same time it is custom for children to leave their parents' homes at the age of 17 and live their own lifes away from their families. Most among the Nordvolk live lifes as farmers, cultivating crops or keeping sheep and cattle, fewer work as craftsmen or traders. To start their own business, or buy an existing business from the current owner (who finances his retirement with buying off) young men need starting capital. Only the richest families can provide this.

Most young men need to earn their starting capital themselves, and band together at the age of 17 under the leadership of older veterans and either pillage the coastlines as longboat raiders, or travel the realms and offer their services as mercenaries.

Halvar (25) and Tjure (23) Svanson are two brothers who choose the path of mercenary. First Halvar started this career, Tjure joined his elder brother's band two years later. At the age of 19, taking over command of his mercenary band after their leader was slain, Halvar saved most of the band (including his brother) from the battle that saw all the forces of the side they fought for annihilated. Since then he has been the leader of his own mercenary group, Tjure being his second in command. They accumulated some fame, and have no shortage of new youths who are eager to join their mercenary band.

They saved up quite some money already, so will probably not be in the business much longer before starting their planned cattle farm.

These models represent about two thirds of the Kislevite option (up to 30 models) of the Oldworlder Ally Contingent. They are armed with hand weapons and double handed weapons, with the option of light armour.

I choose the Nordvolk Axe regiment from West Wind Productions, two troop packs and one command pack.

For modern/future models I use for some time now washers, which allow easy storage in magnetic sheeting clad boxes. I tried several options with plastic bases (gluing magnetic sheeting or magnets into their bottom) but no option convinced me so far. I ordered some steel bases from Products for Wargamers and am quite happy so far. They are flat but still strong, line up nicely and allow for magnetic storage. These could be my new bases of choice. Damn... I need to rebase the An der Fähre Village Guard... (which should not be too complicated, just cutting away the trim and gluing the flat plastic base to the magnetic one).

I cleared all the models from flash and glued them to their bases.

The bases where then sanded.

The brothers, Tjure left and Halvar right.

Depending on the current tactical needs, the band often splits up into the main body being led by Halvar and a smaller flanking unit led by Tjure.

This configuration is not quite legal according to the army list, as the minimum unit size is 10 models... but this is Warfork Fantasy Battles, so who cares...

Most models are equipped like the following one, one two handed axe and a hand weapon - exactly the mandatory equipment from the list.