2000AD: Rogue Trooper Miniatures Game

The staff car arrived.

Only the rules are missing now:

  • 3 Rogue Troopers
  • 2 Souther Soldier sets
  • 4 Nort Soldier sets
  • 2 Nort and Souther Officer sets
  • 1 Souther Staff Car
  • 1 Rulebook ✖

Corporate Marines

The command car is done.

Corporate Marines

Finally some progress, the camouflage on the command car is done.

Board and Miniatures

I didn't post in quite a while about this project, but wasn't idle either. I did cast quite a lot of Hirst Arts stuff over time, sometimes doing 3 castings a day, sometimes doing none for 2 months.

Slowly, I am getting the parts I need.

The game has the option to place barrels on the board, which you can shoot and then blow up. I use the barrel from mold Cargo Bay Accessory Mold #302, which looks a bit forlorn on a 1.5" square tile - so I decided to place three on one tile.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Another project pending for way too long, when de-flashing and assembling the Battletech miniatures, I had the tools out to also finally continue on these models.

I made a mold from instant mold from an old terminator model (like two years ago already...), as I needed a gloved hand on a trigger for the rotary storm bolter replacements.

The casting is a bit crude, I filled both halves and then pressed them together.

I had two possibilities in mind of how to use the arms, and decided for the right one; the left one looked too unbalanced.

The sergeant got one of the hammers again.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and terminator with flamer.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and sergeant with rotary storm bolter and power hammer.


I backed another Kickstarter - Nemesis, by Awaken Realms. I saw a demo video back in Novembre if I remember correctly and was instantly hooked. When the Kickstarter went live I immediately backed it - well, I thought that I was quite early.

I read the message of the opening of the Kickstarter after work. Then the project was already funded - 50,000 GBP within 4 minutes. My backer number was already in the 8,000. There was obviously some more nerds beside me interested in the game :-)

Yesterday, the campaign ended with 30,553 backers that spent a total of 3,080,833 of the initially requested 50,000! Awesome.

Now I can't wait to get the game...

Corporate Marines

Command AC

The wheel sockets were painted in the base green of the camouflage scheme, as well as the wheels. Then the wheels were glued in place and the rest of the vehicle basecoated in green. Gluing the wheels in first would have made painting the recessed parts quite a hassle.


The gunship had a mishap when preparing it for the base coat, and lost one of it's cannon barrels. I was not able to fix that. So I removed the other one as well, and made two new barrels to replace the old ones from brass tubing. While doing that, I thought such a barrel would also make a good impression as the chin turret gun, and placed a third one there. This also distinguishes the chin gun of the gunship and the utility VTOLs.

I then also painted the model in the dark green camouflage base colour.

Utility VTOLs

I first painted the roof of the cabin in the same khaki grey base, bone white drybrush as the interiors.

When I glued the cabins in place, I became aware of a design flaw I built into them: There is no distinct line, where the interior and exterior roof meet. So I cut some 1mm strips of card to glue in place, but the card warped when cut, so I need to do these from plastic card.

The VTOLs where then also painted in the base green.

Corporate Marines

The Marines are done. The guy with the first aid case will be part of the command group, the casualty with the bleeding arm and the guy with the ammo case will bring the second squad to full strength. The two SAW gunners will go to the pool of support weapons.

Corporate Marines

Time to close this project. I started by painting the interior of the cabins.

Corporate Marines

Today I primed the cabin insides in 73.601 Grey Surface Primer through my airbrush. When the inside is painted, I will seal the openings with tape and glue the cabins to the hulls - the outside will then be painted with the rest of the VTOLs.