[Song of Drums and Shakos]
Black Brunswickers

Evil Richard, like so often before, made me start a new period/game system - shame on him! But to be honest, I am also always quite weakwilled when it comes to that... ;-)

This time it is my first stint to the Napoleaonic period. The game system is [Song of Drums and Shakos by Ganesha Games](https://www.ganeshagames.net/product_info.php?cPath=1_7&products_id=49 "Ganesha Games"). We will keep the background quite loose, not fixed to a specific time or place; I looked through available factions and figures, and was quite overwhelmed. I wasn't aware how manifold the Napoleonic period is.

In the end I settled for the Brunswickers, to the best of my research as they would have looked like under British service during the peninsular campaign.

I ordered them from Perry Miniatures. For bases I used round steel bases from Product for Wargamers.

I started by removing the flash and gluing the miniatures to their bases.