[Warfork 40,000 - Rogue Confrontation]
Trazior Underhive

I am quite far with my rules medley "Warfork 40,000 - Rogue Confrontation", a mix of the original Confrontation rules as published in White Dwarf, Stargrunt II (main mechanics), Necromunda (mainly the campaign stuff) and Rogue Trader 40,000. Far enough, that the first play test can happen soon - only over which terrain?

Time to use the plastics from the Maki Games Kickstarter to create parts of Trazior Underhive.

I sorted all the parts and started to remove the flash from the support beams.

Trazior Underhive The whole first batch.

Trazior Underhive The pins fill the complete height of the base plates. I can imagine layouts with walkways on the second story, where I would need to stack two support beam pieces - which would not be possible (see next picture). So I decided to cut the pins down to just below half length. This will lessen their hold, but allow stacking.

Trazior Underhive Top shows the original length pins, which are not stackable; the bottom shows the cut pins which stack nicely.

Trazior Underhive All the work done today. The pile in the lower right is the cut off plastic.