Mold Stabilizers

I bought the rock molds from Woodland Scenics some time ago. The casts are very nice, but the casting ist not. The molds need to be balanced somehow to not spill the poured plaster before it can cure, so after the first few casts I decided I needed a solution for that.

I build boxes from Lego,

cutting some of the silicone away where the edges were not straight.

I then sprayed foam insulation onto the molds, with the aim to cut the back straight afterwards. I sprayed way too much, though.

The insight did not cure correctly, so when I removed the foam the next day, it continued to cure and expand into the area the mold should sit... not good. Also, the not fully cured foam was quite sticky on the silicone.

For the second try, I sprayed much less foam, which still was more than enough.

Unfortunately it turned out, that the foam shrunk while curing, bending the outward edges upward - so the mold did not sit flat anymore on the stabilizer...

In the third attempd, I built boxes from cardboard, placed them on baking paper,

and poured cheep DIY store plaster mixed with some teddy bear stuffing I had bought some time ago for such a purpose on the molds.

I did not fill the boxes to the top with this mixture,

using pure plaster for the top part to get a smoother surface.

When the plaster was mostly dry, I bevelled the edges and rubbed off the still wet card board.

The molds were easy to remove,

and place back on.

As I usually spill plaster while pouring, I clad the stabilizers in baking paper so that the pouring cannot connect to and bond with the stabilizer.