Descendants of Draco

I basecoated them in 73.601 Grey Primer applied through my airbrush, then applied preshading with 71.036 Mahagony.

To create some transition between the brown the yellow which was to follow, I applied 70.956 Light Orange.

The models were then sprayed white from above, to get a nice even white coat for all the yellow areas.

This was then followed with 71.002 Yellow sprayed in several light coats.

All areas that did not look bright enought were then resprayed white followed by yellow.

The rest was brush work:

  • Metal
    • 71.073 Black
  • Engines
    • 71.109 U.K. P.R.U. Blue
    • 70.961 Sky Blue
  • Windows
    • 72.028 Dark Green
    • 72.029 Sick Green
    • 72.032 Escorpena Green
    • 72.033 Livery Green
    • SWW002 Heavy Body Black dot on Dark Green
    • 71.001 White dot in black for reflection

After applying a coat of gloss varnish, I applied an Winsor and Newton oil wash (Raw Umber mixed with Sansodor), which was afterwards rubbed off the high areas with qtips and Sansodor.

Finally, the models were sealed with matt varnish.