[15mm IABSM]
South of Cherbourgh

All the models got their helmets painted in 70.995 German Grey.

I then sorted out some models, painted the helmets in 74.604 Dunkelgelb and then added random shapes in green and brown (splotches, lines, etc.) to create some "Normandy Helmets". I let the grey on the underside of the helmet as some sort of blacklining and also let it shine through the dunkelgelb here and there.

I then sorted out all the models which had greenery on their helmet, and painted it in 70.967 Olive Green. This is quite a harsh green, but a more subdued tone would not be discernible, especially from the Normandy Helmets.

Finally, the officer models got painted:

Now all the models are drying, after I sprayed them with gloss varnish. This is on the one hand to protect the paint job done so far, on the other hand the varnish will help the flowing of the washes.