USMC Infantry Squad with 3 Humvees


I used my thumb to gently rub off the masking film. This worked well on flat areas, basically. On the parts with much sculpted detail, like the doors, it was more difficult to really get every last scrap of it. Additionally, on quite some parts I rubbed off the paint as well, including the base coat...


If I will do this again on other models (I have four LAVs and two LVTP7A1s for my Marines waiting to get painted), I will definitley give the model a coat of Gloss Varnish over the green base colour, to help preventing the rubbing off of the basecoat, creating a sturdy protective layer.

Concerning the small crevices, either this method is not suited for these kind of small details, or I need to apply the masking film in a thicker layer. That way, the masking film might get stronger, peeling itself away totally, instead of small pieces ripping off of it and sticking to the model...