Modular Fence System

I bought the MDF sheets last week, and started Saturday to work on the bases. The ordered balsa wood was on backorder, but should arrive this week as well.

I started to cut the boards using my Proxxon KG50 using the spacer. This makes sure the connecting edges are all the same width.

The rest of the way I cut with a coping saw.

The undersides where then sanded, so they were flat.

Next I drew two lines on the top side, the area between them will remain flat, the area to the outside will be sloped down.

I started the sloping by cutting a ~20° (the diagonal from the lower corner to the line marked on top from the center 10mm strip) angle at each corner, again to make the seam between two segments as even as possible.

The rest was cut freehand and then sanded.

All pieces done so far: