More Halberdiers

I removed the cast on flags from the Mirlition models to replace them with brass rod.


When test placing the models, I reckognized that the Mirlition are noticably smaller than the Black Tree ones :-( This won't do.


Luckily, my lead pile included some more models from Black Tree's 100 years war range. I used some knights on foot for the unit leader and standard bearer. I had enough Halberdiers to fill out the unit to 16, but only in the later round helmets. As I have one unit in earlier rim helmets, I had to convert two models. First I cut off the helmets.

With Instant Mould and plaster I cast two helmets and glued them on.


For the bases I used metal ones from Products for Wargamers. On the underside I numbered them with a Proxxon Precision drill FBS 240/E so that deploying the units will not be a puzzle game each time.


The standard bearers got a pole from brass rod and all the models were based. The only thing missing now are two instruments to attach to two models. I am not sure which I will use (horns, drums, ...) and if I will buy some or do them myself.