USMC Infantry Squad with 3 Humvees

Having painted only 28mm Fantasy and SiFi stuff for some time, it was time for a change. I took off my shelf the Marine squad and the three Humvees, which I bought, de-flashed and based two years ago, after seeing Generation Kill. But the bug bite healed and I was sidetracked by other projects before I started painting them.

Time to change that.

I basecoated with my airbrush, using two light coats of Vallejo 70.837 Pale Sand for the Marines, and Vallejo 70.894 Russian Green for the Humvees.

The undercarriage of the Humvees got hit with a quick spray blast of Vallejo 71.069 Rust.

For the camouflage on the Humvees I tried something new. In the above photo you can already see the Vallejo 70.523 Liquid mask I applied over all the areas that should remain green. I then applied a coat of Vallejo 70.846 Mahagony Sand.

After another application of Liquid mask (visible in the above photo) where the brown should remain, I sprayed the final coat of black. To get a black that was already slighty bleached by the sun, I used a mix of Vallejo 71.057 Black [1/3], 70.862 Black Grey [1/3] and Thinner [1/3].

The plan is to remove the liquid mask and to have a perfect camouflage scheme :-)

Lets see how it turns out...

I already found it difficult to see exactly where the mask film on the green coat was when painting the mask film on the brown coat... so let's see how this turns out...

It would probably have been easier to just brush the brown and black on. But we will see.