[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Town House WD131

The painting on the first house is done. I started by painting the timbers, liberally overspilling the paint to cover all the gaps between timbering and the house. For this I mixed burnt umber with black. The roof was painted black.

I then painted the walls in ochre, the windows in black.

The roof was drybrushed in blues in several stages. Some shingles were left darker, others were hightlighted to quite a light shade. I then used different brown, black and blue washes on different shingles. Then the whole models was drybrushed in ivory; walls, timbering and shingles.

To tone down the stark drybrush effect, I applied brown, green and black washes (all from the Vallejo model range) to the model, and applied a final drybrush of very light white to the center areas of the walls.

After all buildings have been painted, I will apply some flock to represent moss, apart from that the model is done.