US Army Squad and Flatbed

In the last time I painted only fantasy/ancient miniatures, and wanted to do something different for a change. Luckily, the leadpile (or rather plastic pile in this case) offers enough, so I prepared the first miniatures of the Mars Attacks Kickstarter loot.

The emergency vehicle lighting and mounted machine gun on the truck I fitted with small magnets, to be able to use them interchangeably.

The plastic bases of the miniatures I cut away and mounted them on the washers all my modern models are based on. This gives them some weight and allows for easy magnetic storing.

The quality of the truck is superb, hardly any mold lines, the parts fitted very well - perfect.

The miniatures were substandard - very soft plastic, a lot of mold lines which were hard to remove due to the soft plastic. They are ok, but I had better ones. They also suffer from a small detail that bothers every time I see it: Show me one real life soldier, that goes to war only armed with an AT-4. Where is his rifle, or at least a side-arm?