Free Trader Crew

I continued work on the Free Trader Crew. First up is the Pilot, who also drives the mule to get cargo to and from the ship.

I wanted to paint the model on foot at the same time as the seated model. When I had both besides each other I noticed, that in my first attempt to give the seated drived the head of the Pilot, I grabbed one of the Security Specialist models... :-(

Out came the knife, off went the head and I instant moulded the correct head.

I then tried to sculpt the shirt of the original model on the seated driver.

Then came the painting. Orange suit and hawaian shirt.

After some colourful splotches, I tried to paint on some flower shapes in dark green - according to my wife I managed to archive the look of a childs painting attempts, but not a hawaian shirt look...

Here is the complete vehicle with driver seated and standing. The great panel on the front cries out for the Free Trader Crew logo - another decal I need to design and have custom printed.