[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Squat Brotherhood Sappers

Another few models that were sitting around for quite some time (actually as long as the Alternative Army Marines) are some Squat sappers. For the younger ones among us, Squats were Dwarves in Space (as they were actually initially called) during the Roque Trader era which were unfortunately dropped by GW.

I used models from Olleys Armies for the models. What I do not like about them are the weapons, especially the diversity they come equipped with. I want the squad to be armed with the same weapons plus a support weapon. I was looking for replacements that looked like a bolt gun, and settled for Hasslefree's V.E.R.A.. I chopped away the old wepons, glued the bolt guns in place and then did some minor sculpting where neccessary. The shotgun/grenade launcher I left in place, but replaced the barrel by a plastic rod and added a foregrip.

After all the time they were sitting around collecting dust, I washed the miniatures in warm soapy water to get rid of the dust and any manufacturing residues. When they were dry, I basecoated them with my airbrush and Vallejo surface primer black 28.012.