[Christmas Present]

I glued the hand to the arm, the wings I left off for now for easier painting.

The gaps at the wrist and one air bubble I found were hidden using grey stuff from Gale Force 9 (sorry, hard to see grey stuff on grey resin...)

Modular Fence System

The connecting posts and one of the edge posts are glued to all the bases.

[Christmas Present]

Recently at work, I was walking down the corridor towards my office. Some meters in front of me, a colleague left hers and walked in the same direction as me towards another colleague's office where she had some business to do. She looked over her shoulder at who was walking behing her and said hello. Two seconds later, she started to dance down the corridor, flinging her arms and singing "Ich bin eine Elfe, ich bin eine Elfe!" ('I am an elf, I am an elf!') which made us both laugh.

Some minutes later, when I was sitting at my desk (I face the door), she passed my office on her way back to her own, and again danced across my field of view, this time singing "Ich bin eine Zwölfe, ich bin eine Zwölfe!".

The translation of that is not so easy as the first. In German "eine Elfe" is a female elf and at the same time "elf" is the word for the number eleven. "Eine Zwölfe" is derived from the German word for twelve (zwölf) as Elf is from eleven: 11 -> Elfe, 12 -> Zwölfe.

So on her way back, the colleague had accumulated enough XP to advance her character one level ;-)

She then said something along the line of working long enough where we do (I am not sure if she meant the company as a whole or just the finance department) makes everyone a bit nuts.

Some days later, while browsing for miniatures, I came across an elf miniature and remembered that episode, I then thought this would make a nice christmans present for her, referencing back to that funny moment.

This is the miniature:

I cut off the spear, and drilled holes to allow me to insert a key ring for the "Kontenschlüssel" she will be carrying - it will be a Finance Zwölfe after all. Kontenschlüssel (literally: account key) is called 'account determination' in english as far as I know - so again, works only German. I used paper pins to help strengthen the joints.

Left-overs from the kit I will not be using.

Mantic Dungeon Saga

The next Kickstarter I invested in arrived. Another bunch of miniatures for quite a good price - as always with the Mantic Kickstarters. I just need more painting time...

Figure holder

With all the metal bases I use recently, I thought of an easy way to hold my models while painting, when I saw on several places on the nets fellow painters drilling pins into the feet of their models and sticking them on cork cones. This way neither the model nor the base is touched during the whole painting process.

With the metal bases, I do not need pins, but jsut something magnetic. So I build the following devices. I ordered wooden discs and rods from Spielematerial.de, 1cm magnets from MagnetShop.net and screws from the local DIY.

First I drilled a small hole through the center of the disc to guide the screw. The center I found by drawing to random lines across the disc, then a vertical from their exact center. The intersection showed the center of the disc. On side I drilled a hole some mm deep to the screw head into.

On the rods the diameter was too small to use the same method to get the center, so I build a small helper tool - which was not that precise as it turned out later :-(

Here are the rods screwed to the discs:

The final step was to drill a 10mm hole...

... and glue the magnets into place.

Modular Fence System

I prepared all the edge bases, cutting them into shape and bevelling the edges.

Board and Miniatures

Blue team is done as well, next up are the bases. I am still pondering whether or not to replace the bases from the Steve Jackson models...

2000AD: Rogue Trooper Miniatures Game

Yesterday, the next batch of troops arrived, Souther Troopers.

Not much missing now:

  • 3 Rogue Troopers
  • 2 Souther Soldier sets
  • 4 Nort Soldier sets
  • 2 Nort and Souther Officer sets ✖
  • 1 Souther Staff Car ✖
  • 1 Rulebook ✖

[15mm IABSM]
South of Cherbourg

Some progress, more rifle squats, .30 cal machine guns and 60mm mortars:

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nordvolk Mercenary Journeymen

Among the Nordvolk there are not many rich families that can offer their offspring a good start into their own independent lifes. At the same time it is custom for children to leave their parents' homes at the age of 17 and live their own lifes away from their families. Most among the Nordvolk live lifes as farmers, cultivating crops or keeping sheep and cattle, fewer work as craftsmen or traders. To start their own business, or buy an existing business from the current owner (who finances his retirement with buying off) young men need starting capital. Only the richest families can provide this.

Most young men need to earn their starting capital themselves, and band together at the age of 17 under the leadership of older veterans and either pillage the coastlines as longboat raiders, or travel the realms and offer their services as mercenaries.

Halvar (25) and Tjure (23) Svanson are two brothers who choose the path of mercenary. First Halvar started this career, Tjure joined his elder brother's band two years later. At the age of 19, taking over command of his mercenary band after their leader was slain, Halvar saved most of the band (including his brother) from the battle that saw all the forces of the side they fought for annihilated. Since then he has been the leader of his own mercenary group, Tjure being his second in command. They accumulated some fame, and have no shortage of new youths who are eager to join their mercenary band.

They saved up quite some money already, so will probably not be in the business much longer before starting their planned cattle farm.

These models represent about two thirds of the Kislevite option (up to 30 models) of the Oldworlder Ally Contingent. They are armed with hand weapons and double handed weapons, with the option of light armour.

I choose the Nordvolk Axe regiment from West Wind Productions, two troop packs and one command pack.

For modern/future models I use for some time now washers, which allow easy storage in magnetic sheeting clad boxes. I tried several options with plastic bases (gluing magnetic sheeting or magnets into their bottom) but no option convinced me so far. I ordered some steel bases from Products for Wargamers and am quite happy so far. They are flat but still strong, line up nicely and allow for magnetic storage. These could be my new bases of choice. Damn... I need to rebase the An der Fähre Village Guard... (which should not be too complicated, just cutting away the trim and gluing the flat plastic base to the magnetic one).

I cleared all the models from flash and glued them to their bases.

The bases where then sanded.

The brothers, Tjure left and Halvar right.

Depending on the current tactical needs, the band often splits up into the main body being led by Halvar and a smaller flanking unit led by Tjure.

This configuration is not quite legal according to the army list, as the minimum unit size is 10 models... but this is Warfork Fantasy Battles, so who cares...

Most models are equipped like the following one, one two handed axe and a hand weapon - exactly the mandatory equipment from the list.