Empress Miniatures

Well, I have not made any progress with my Dreadball Orx, but that of course does not stop me from looking for new projects - which will probably just add to the pile of unpainted lead, but I guess you know what I am talking about...

Thanks to the announcement on theminiaturespage.com, I could not resist 20 US Marines with boonie hats in contemporary equipment... Empress Miniatures 'Devil Dogs And Dragons' 28mm Figures .

As the project collected 5,000£ of the needed 7,500£ within 1.5 days, I think it will get certainly funded and I hope for a lot of stretch goals... which are automatically covered by my pledge level :-)

Kickstarter Project Page

Tooth Crushers

I started to paint the Orx team. Here they are primed:

And here is the colour scheme test model:

Now only 9 more models :)


Today I gave OSL (object source lightning) my first try. I airbrushed four tones of consecutive lighter shades of metallic tones onto the balls, using a steeper angle of the airbrush the lighter the colour got.

I think it is not to bad for a first try, but anyone who is able to produce OSL effects will probably laugh...

After the airbrushing, I painted the crevices black, then a thin line of white into the middle. Finally, I used a yellow green, a blue and a purple wash to imitate glowing. Unfortunately, on the photos the washes are not very visible... Using your eyes the effect is much more visible.

Colour Bottle Storage System Extension

Having added to my collection of colours in the last few months (one of the reasons is my Christmas present, an airbrush), my storage system did not provide enough space any more. This afternoon I added a fourth box.

I am using the boxes paper packages are delivered in, cut down to 8cm height. Inside, I created a system of compartments, where I put the bottles upside down (to be able to see the colour).

Here are my colours (except those I am currently using in projects):

Francworle Galaxy

I added the numerical decals using

Here is the result

I am pondering whether to add a team logo to the models, but I am not sure about it yet. My current idea is to create a template from masking tape and apply the logo using my airbrush. As I never did something like this before lets see...

Francworle Galaxy

Finished the two Guards. Next are the decals for all models with the number on their back plate.

Star Players

Just received the Dreadball Starplayers... I need to get along with painting...

Francworle Galaxy

I finished the 4 Strikers, only two Guards left :)

Circle vs Protectorate

Yesterday we played two games of Warmachine/Hordes. The full AAR will be on my webpage in a couple of days, will post the link here.

Until then, please enjoy some teaser pictures:

[Update 2013-05-21]: 1st AAR online

[Update 2013-05-25]: 2nd AAR online

Francworle Galaxy

I finished the first four players.