[Battlestar Galactica]
Daybreak Expansion Miniatures

These models were quite quickly painted.

[Battlestar Galactica] Raptors

The Raptors were basecoated, then drybrushed. Afterwards, the cockpit and weapon/engines were painted and given a wash. Finally, the exhausts were painted in two shades of blue.

  • Hull
    • 70.880 Khaki Grey
    • 70.819 Iraqui Sand drybrush
  • Canopy
    • 70.863 Dark Seagreen
    • Baddab Black Wash
  • Engine/Weapons
    • 70.991 Dark Sea Grey
    • Baddab Black Wash
  • Engine Fire
    • 70.902 Azur
    • 70.961 Sky Blue

[Battlestar Galactica] Cylons

The cylons were even easier: based in chrome, washed in black and highlighted in chrome. Then a red dot for the eye.

  • 71.064 Chrome
  • 73.201 Black Wash
  • 71.064 Chrome
  • 70.908 Carmine Red (Eye)


[Battlestar Galactica]
Daybreak Expansion Miniatures

Prime night! I got the expansion a couple of weeks ago, since then the models waited to be painted. I basecoated with the airbrush and Vallejo surface primer black 28.012, now they are ready to be painted.