[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Mummies

I highlighted the bandags with

  • 70.976 Buff
  • 70.820 Offwhite

The miniatures where then gloss varnished.

Finally, an oil wash was applied:

  • 1/3 Winsow & Newton Lamp Black
  • 2/3 Winsow & Newton Burnt Umber

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Mummies

The good thing is, the doctor sent me on sick leave for the whole weak.

The bad thing is, all the sleeping and "suffering" (my wife's words) take away so much time and leave not that much for painting. But giving the models a quick spray with black was doable.

With the mummies I managed to base coat

  • the exposed skin with
    • 1/3 70.950 Black

      2/3 70.981 Orange Brown
  • the bandages with
    • 70.847 Dark Sand

I then slathered on a different wash on every miniature

  • SWW004 Concrete
  • SWW007 Stone
  • SWW008 Baby Poop
  • SWW010 Dark Sepia

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Mummies

I wanted to come much farther today, applying at least the base colours, but the beginnings of a flu requested me to spend too much time sleeping...

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Mummies

Some more mystical elements. These Mummies are from Eureka Miniatures. As usual, they are mounted on bases from Products for Wargamers.

Private Military Contractors

The contractors are finished. I forgot to take some WIP pictures, so here is only the result.

I painted the camo in ACU, Woodland BDU, Flecktarn and DPM; mixing the schemes wildly on the miniatures.

Ready for the first contract.

Private Military Contractors

The models received a basecoat with Vallejo primer, then were sprayed black.

Private Military Contractors

I finished the bases with pebbles and sand, added new weapons where I cut the orignial ones away and filled all the holes and cracks that resulted from my head and weapon exchanges.

No changes to these two.

Here, two M4 where replaced with a G36C and a SA80

The two Hasslefree models got some texture on their backs representing the molle system. The strips need to be finer...

The left model with the radio is the model the boonie was cast from. I replaced this head with a base cap, to remove the Bundeswehr-look. The model on the right had the base cap replaced with a recast boonie.

Two more hat changes and the model on the left had rolled up sleeves added.

Only the top right model was converted, exchaning the base cap with a boonie and replacing another M4 with a SA80. The model does not fit perfectly, the eyes are to far forward, besides the option instead of behind.

Private Military Contractors

Just a small update, I cast the four boonies I need and glued them on.

Private Military Contractors

I bought these models in February, after seeing Outpost. Although I was a bit disappointed by the film (the characters don't actually do anything in the film, they just react to enemies they cannot harm), the setting was to my liking, and of course (as happens so often after watching a movie) I bought some miniatures to recreate the film (in a 'better' version) on my tabletop. Only seven months later, and I started to work on them...

I plan to have the group looking similar to the mercenaries in the movie, which were "ununiformed". Every member wore different camouflage clothing and used different weapons. My group will look like this, they will not all wear the same uniform and the same equipment. What did not make sense in my mind is the fact that the mercenaries in the movie also used different calibers. My group all use 5.56mm except the FN Scar and R870. Should make logistics much easier, as well as proof useful in combat, when one member runs dry...

These models are Private Militars Contractors from Eureka Miniatures.

These models are German Bundeswehr, also from Eureka Miniatres (left, center, right).

When purchasing them they looked good, now I need to say that I will probably not use the MP-7 armed model, as it seems to be wearing a winter jacket, and just seems too warmly clothed when compared to the rest of the models.

The last two models are from Hasslefree Miniatures, Freak and Bergil.

They are supplied with backpacks, but as they would have been the only models with them, I did not glue them on.

I scored their backs and will sculpt the backside of their protective vests.

When ordering the minis, and having my mixed equipped troops in mind, I had too many M4s. The Bundeswehr troopers and the Hasslefree minis bring some variation, but still. Therefore I also ordered:

from Hasslefree.

Some of the M4s need to go. Additionally, too many models are wearing base caps, so some of them also need to go. They will be replaced by the boonie being worn by the KSK Sniper. So I started to happily mistreat some models:

The Bundeswehr radio operator lost his head, and will receive one of the base cap heads, to make him overall look less Bundeswehr.

As mentioned above, I want to distribute some boonies among the models. I bought some time ago Instant Mold, but had no chance so far to use it; now needing to reproduce some hats it comes in handy.

Next I need to glue in the G36Cs and the SA-80s, as well as cast and glue on some boonies.