[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Terrain Mat

I used the same flock I already applied to the miniature's bases, basecoating with the dark one and sprinkling on highlights with the light one.

The mat after the flocking:

I then used the bottom of the board as a guide for cutting the mat. This meant that the parts folded over the sides remained. Those I painted with the base ochre brown, which gives me a nice frame.

Here is the mat with some terrain on and my Agyptians scouring the area for Richards pesky Greeks.

Here is the mat rolled up.

[Spirit Island]

As replacements of the cities for Spirit Island, I choose 'BG114 Small Village' from Irregular Miniture's 2mm range.

The models were way too big for the Koplow Casino Stacking Poker Chips they will be mounted on, so I cut back the base and removed the outermost building and trees.

Still, the round hut was too far out, so I cut it off, shortened the space between the square and round hut, and glued it back in.

Here are all the converted models.

[Spirit Island]

As replacements of the towns for Spirit Island, I choose 'BG105 Courtyard Farm' from Irregular Miniture's 2mm range.

The models nearly fit the Koplow Casino Stacking Poker Chips they will be mounted on, I hust had to clip back the base a bit and cut away the two trees at the corner of the barn.

Here are all the models.

[Spirit Island]

As replacements of the cities for Spirit Island, I choose 'BG114 Small Village' from Irregular Miniture's 2mm range.

The whole model is too large for the Koplow Casino Stacking Poker Chips the models will be mounted on, so I started by cutting it down.

As there was still some space on the chip, I cut the two connected houses from the off-cut and re-glued them to the street.

All the models converted.

[Spirit Island]

For Christman I got Spirit Island - well, at least theoretically. As of today, the parcel is still on its way to us. I played the game with a friend in Decembre and it immediately went to my Christmas Wishlist.

While I really like the game, the components are mostly not really to my liking, especially because they are so different. The invader buildings for example are plastic, the Dahan's (the indigenous people) huts are from wood, etc.

Also, the quality and detail of the plastic models is okayisch, but when you are a wargamer and miniature collector they are not so great. Here you can see Norman's game who infected me in full swing.

So I went looking for 'real' substitute figures, and decided for Tin Soldier UK's CON6 - ARQUEBUSIER Conquistadores. I first thought of the ones with the pikes, as they would be quite similar to the plastic minis from the game, but they are very tall which would make storage much more difficult.

There are three different types of models, I decided to use the two with the typical rimmed helmets, this with the pointed helmets go to the lead pile.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Terrain Mat

A second coat gave a much better coverage.

I then used the same sand colour as for the obelisks and statues.

Then the whole board got a drybrush of white.

Defender Mark II

I applied the base green colour of the camo scheme.

Corporate Marines

Command AC

The wheel sockets were painted in the base green of the camouflage scheme, as well as the wheels. Then the wheels were glued in place and the rest of the vehicle basecoated in green. Gluing the wheels in first would have made painting the recessed parts quite a hassle.


The gunship had a mishap when preparing it for the base coat, and lost one of it's cannon barrels. I was not able to fix that. So I removed the other one as well, and made two new barrels to replace the old ones from brass tubing. While doing that, I thought such a barrel would also make a good impression as the chin turret gun, and placed a third one there. This also distinguishes the chin gun of the gunship and the utility VTOLs.

I then also painted the model in the dark green camouflage base colour.

Utility VTOLs

I first painted the roof of the cabin in the same khaki grey base, bone white drybrush as the interiors.

When I glued the cabins in place, I became aware of a design flaw I built into them: There is no distinct line, where the interior and exterior roof meet. So I cut some 1mm strips of card to glue in place, but the card warped when cut, so I need to do these from plastic card.

The VTOLs where then also painted in the base green.

Corporate Marines

The Marines are done. The guy with the first aid case will be part of the command group, the casualty with the bleeding arm and the guy with the ammo case will bring the second squad to full strength. The two SAW gunners will go to the pool of support weapons.

USMC Additions

I managed to paint the rest of the minis today, good start into the year finishing the first project early on :-)