Board and Miniatures

I didn't post in quite a while about this project, but wasn't idle either. I did cast quite a lot of Hirst Arts stuff over time, sometimes doing 3 castings a day, sometimes doing none for 2 months.

Slowly, I am getting the parts I need.

The game has the option to place barrels on the board, which you can shoot and then blow up. I use the barrel from mold Cargo Bay Accessory Mold #302, which looks a bit forlorn on a 1.5" square tile - so I decided to place three on one tile.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Another project pending for way too long, when de-flashing and assembling the Battletech miniatures, I had the tools out to also finally continue on these models.

I made a mold from instant mold from an old terminator model (like two years ago already...), as I needed a gloved hand on a trigger for the rotary storm bolter replacements.

The casting is a bit crude, I filled both halves and then pressed them together.

I had two possibilities in mind of how to use the arms, and decided for the right one; the left one looked too unbalanced.

The sergeant got one of the hammers again.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and terminator with flamer.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and sergeant with rotary storm bolter and power hammer.


More stuff to paint arrived, the Mantic terrain Kickstarter. Very useful stuff for all kind of settings.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Palm Groves

The fronds were all of a single colour at this stage. The highlights I wanted to apply only after the fronds were mounted; so after gluing them in place I covered the rest of the models and bases with tissue.

I then sprayed a mid green and finally sparsely a light green.

To simulate the fibres often seen with palmes and to hide where the fronds connect to the stem, I used a plant liner made from coconut fibres.

I then clamped the fibres in place,

trying to cover as much as possible of the joints.

Finally I twisted the strands at the top. After drenching them with watered PVA glue and letting it dry, I cut them to shape.

For the pond, I applied 'still water' from Vallejo, but that dried quite dull. It is probably more suited to small puddles on bases than such large bodies of water. So finally I applied gloss varnish with a pipette in about a 2mm layer.

And here they are:

Remember the first post, where I planned the bases so they all fit into one box? Yeah, nice idea... unfortunately I did not consider the bulk of the trees which exceed the bases quite a bid. So in the end I had to use two boxes for storage.

Turf War Z

The reward of the Kickstarter arrived :-) - more stuff for the lead pile... :-(

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The command group of champion and banner bearer is done.

When the models have been gloss varnished I need to add some washes to the flag, which looks a bit flat so far.


Only one more hero to go.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

Another two knights are done.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Palm Groves

I added the same two tones of flock to the bases as for the miniatures and the terrain done previously.

I then started to spray paint the leaves in dark green. On the left is the original olive, the right one is the colour I sprayed.

On the top side I then sprayed a mid green.

I then mounted the leaves three to a trunk.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The next two knights are done. I do like the colour scheme of the orange knight, but in comparison to the other ones he looks quite dark and drab...

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Palm Groves

All the trunks and palm leaves are cleaned.


I used air drying clay to build up some small mounds into which I pressed the palm trunks.


The oasis was filled with a thin layer of leveling compound to hide the texture of the floor tiles. I then glued on some smaller rocks, before covering the whole base in PVA + my base colour and sprinkled on fine sand.