[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Palm Groves

The fronds were all of a single colour at this stage. The highlights I wanted to apply only after the fronds were mounted; so after gluing them in place I covered the rest of the models and bases with tissue.

I then sprayed a mid green and finally sparsely a light green.

To simulate the fibres often seen with palmes and to hide where the fronds connect to the stem, I used a plant liner made from coconut fibres.

I then clamped the fibres in place,

trying to cover as much as possible of the joints.

Finally I twisted the strands at the top. After drenching them with watered PVA glue and letting it dry, I cut them to shape.

For the pond, I applied 'still water' from Vallejo, but that dried quite dull. It is probably more suited to small puddles on bases than such large bodies of water. So finally I applied gloss varnish with a pipette in about a 2mm layer.

And here they are:

Remember the first post, where I planned the bases so they all fit into one box? Yeah, nice idea... unfortunately I did not consider the bulk of the trees which exceed the bases quite a bid. So in the end I had to use two boxes for storage.

Turf War Z

The reward of the Kickstarter arrived :-) - more stuff for the lead pile... :-(

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The command group of champion and banner bearer is done.

When the models have been gloss varnished I need to add some washes to the flag, which looks a bit flat so far.


Only one more hero to go.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

Another two knights are done.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Palm Groves

I added the same two tones of flock to the bases as for the miniatures and the terrain done previously.

I then started to spray paint the leaves in dark green. On the left is the original olive, the right one is the colour I sprayed.

On the top side I then sprayed a mid green.

I then mounted the leaves three to a trunk.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The next two knights are done. I do like the colour scheme of the orange knight, but in comparison to the other ones he looks quite dark and drab...

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Palm Groves

All the trunks and palm leaves are cleaned.


I used air drying clay to build up some small mounds into which I pressed the palm trunks.


The oasis was filled with a thin layer of leveling compound to hide the texture of the floor tiles. I then glued on some smaller rocks, before covering the whole base in PVA + my base colour and sprinkled on fine sand.

2018-04-09 [Kickstarter]

I backed yet another Kickstarter - ARMIES & LEGIONS & HORDES by Dave Taylor.

I first saw this and thought ... mmhhh ... do I really need that (like in the sense my wife always asks me on anew purchase)? And I thought, probably not.

Then I saw a video from the Terrain Tutor on the topic and that was that.

Thank's Mel ;-)

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The next knight is done.

[Spirit Island]

To finish the models, I layered several different flock types/colours from Woodland Scenics to the base.

Here is a game board with lands with the exact same content; on the left are the models from the game, on the right the ones I painted.