Free Trader Crew

The models were basecoated together with the Space Pirates (photographed with them). The mule was also basecoated, then sprayed black from below, then sprayed yellow all around.

Private Military Contractors

The models received a basecoat with Vallejo primer, then were sprayed black.

More Vehicles

The models were treated first with a Vallejo basecoat from the airbrursh.

The ground vehicles got a black spray coat from underneath

The MedServ VTOL was sprayed light grey all around, then white from above as a first highlight.

The ConServ vehicles were sprayed in flat orange, then highlighted with a bright orange sprayed from above.

TecServ was sprayed grey on the lower half, then blue on the upper half.

Armed Civilians

The space pirates were cleaned and based. Where possible I bent the arms of duplicate models to change the pose of the second one slightly, one model got a V cut into his arm for the replacement which I then covered with miliput (the model in the front, the model directly behind is the original model).

Free Trader Crew

I cleaned the flash from the models and based them on washers.

To get cargo into their ship, the crew uses a mini mule with trailer. The driver supplied with it wears NAC gear, which does not match the look for a free trader.

Time for some more instant mold. I choose a model (that it is the pilot was coincidence, and not related at all to the pilot of a well-known tv series...) and covered its head with the mold.

Here the cast with the head cut off.

From the original driver I cut off the head and removed the shoulder plates. I then glued the new head in place and with miliput added a hood, like on the model I cast the head from.

Here is the complete mule with driver and cargo. The driver will not be glued into place to allow me to use the vehicle manned and in action, as well as unmanned scenery.

More Vehicles

I finished building the vehicles, next up is rinsing and undercoating.

Nothing more added to the ambulance, just miliput to cover any gaps.

On the Rover I finished the work on the prolonging of the passenger cabin.

On the Ranger I added more details, like the retractable support beams, the rest for the turntable ladder behind the cabin and the cut-off from the basket as ... some interesting feature.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Orks Marauders

Ten more Orks done, 15 left.

Private Military Contractors

I finished the bases with pebbles and sand, added new weapons where I cut the orignial ones away and filled all the holes and cracks that resulted from my head and weapon exchanges.

No changes to these two.

Here, two M4 where replaced with a G36C and a SA80

The two Hasslefree models got some texture on their backs representing the molle system. The strips need to be finer...

The left model with the radio is the model the boonie was cast from. I replaced this head with a base cap, to remove the Bundeswehr-look. The model on the right had the base cap replaced with a recast boonie.

Two more hat changes and the model on the left had rolled up sleeves added.

Only the top right model was converted, exchaning the base cap with a boonie and replacing another M4 with a SA80. The model does not fit perfectly, the eyes are to far forward, besides the option instead of behind.

Gaming Board

The board is done! I painted the last white lines on the main boards, then painted the DB logos and the arrows on the entry hexes in bright green like they are glowing. The reason for the DB logo in the board center and on the side counter facing each other instead of facing in the same direction, is that each player sees one correctly (otherwise I would need to admit that I botched the assembly...). Placing that piece on the other side does not work, as the black/yellow line does not align correctly on the other side.

After taking the photos, the tiles received a coat of glass varnsish, and then one of matt varnish.

More Vehicles

I received another delivery from Jon at Ground Zero Games (only about 5kg), and started right away on the first models.

With my last order I got some civilian trucks, which I intended for the colonists I already owned, but did not have any detailed plan for them. When I started to work on them, I painted them according to the two colour schemes I painted the colonists in; then dubbed them TecServ (technical services) and ConsServ (construction services). Having defined these themes, I immediately had more ideas for more vehicles I would need...

First is a transporter for all the construction workers to get them on site. I used the Colonial Rover line for ConServ, but a passenger cabin is only available with the Colonial Ranger line. As I also needed another Ranger this was no problem.

The passenger cabin on the right, the original cargo module on the right.

As the underbody of the Rover is longer than that of the Ranger, I need to fill the gap. I will try to do this in a way which implies a longer passenger cabin.

The Ranger the passenger cabin came from will be converted to a turntable ladder truck. The technicians need to get to higher installations like pylons, chimneys, etc. after all. After looking around, I finally ended up with a 1/87 scale die cast fire engine.

I cut up the Ranger underbody and prolonged it with card. From Depron and plastic card I created a platform, which will take the screw from the orignal model to fix the turntable ladder and allow it to be rotated (instead of gluing it in place). Still more detailing work to be done.

When I shopped for the fire engine, I also came across a mobile excavator and four wheel loader, which I thought to be a good addition to ConServ. The models will be mostly used as they are with a new paint job, only the wheels will be exchanged. I will try to build some wheels that look siminlar to those from the Rover line of trucks to tie them in.

The last vehicle is for the three medics I painted, a VTOL ambulance. I left the chin mounted gun turret off, and instead installed a search headlight (taken from the Rover truck).