[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Orks Marauders

When I bought these models I decided to do them in a quicker way than my usual basecoat-shading-highlighting steps given the mass of models and instead use the Army Painter colour blocking quick shade method.

I use leather brown base coat spray and the dark tone quick shade. First batch of models started:

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Orks Marauders

My next project for my lunch breaks will be some SiFi Orks from Mantic Games. I ordered them on 08.11.2011 ... only two years ago. I have them assembled and ready for painting since about 1.5 years... you know, one of those fast side projects... about time to get some colour on them!

Here is the whole bunch:

This looks a bit like chaos, which would only be fitting for Orks, but the composition of the mobs is already planned.

Here is the Waaagh! Boss and the Nobs leading the mobs:

All models that did not have a backplate, got some modeled with putty. I really like all the fluff from the good old Rogue Trader Ork books, one of which is that all Orks wear backplates showing their allegiance. The newer GW models unfortunately do not all posess some, also the Mantic Orks don't have them on all models.

To get some variety to the support weapons (there is only one with the Mantic sprues), I did some scratchbuilding. In my bits box I found some bombs and fuel pods from 1/72 scale plastic models, which I used here.

The original support weapons, the muzzle being drilled open.

Flamers, built from GW Ork Shootas and fuel tanks.

Flamers, built from GW Ork Shootas and fuel tanks.

Plasma gun, built around the support weapon from the sprue; and a SAW type weapon, again a GW Shoota.

Plasma gun, built around the support weapon from the sprue; and a SAW type weapon, again a GW Shoota.

Plasma gun, built around the support weapon from the sprue.

Wehrmacht, motorisierter Aufklärungszug

All Soldaten were promoted :-) Here some examples:

This recce unit is now done except the mentioned bases.

Wehrmacht, motorisierter Aufklärungszug

The vehicles and riders are done so far, now I only need to add the rank markings and finish the bases. I am still thinking on what to do with the motorcycles basewise... do my own and fail miserable to make them look like the bases for the foot soldiers, including only roughly round edges... a 'crossbeam' on the underside from some clear rod... Any suggestions?

Lumber Rodents

The next four models are done. I still like the result and this new (for me) way of painting, but what is annoying is the longer drying time of the inks between coats.

Lumber Rodents

The test model is done. I used the following paints:

  • SWW008 Baby Poop for the skin, two coats

  • SWW019 Ruby for the hair, this will be alternated per model

  • SWW029 Fallout for the armour, three coats

  • SWW020 Orange, shoulder guards etc

  • SWW009 Sewer Water, leather glove

  • SWW017 Purple, tail

  • White, re-highlight top of tail segments

  • SWW026 Cotton Candy, tail

  • SWW006 Parchment, bandages, mask

  • Vallejo 73.203 Umber Shade, bandages, mask

  • SWW025 Just Red, eyes

  • SWW003 Armour Wash, metal

  • Vallejo 71.063 Silver, highlight metal areas

  • White, teeth and claws

  • SWW017 watered down, teeth and claws

  • Vallejo 72.094 Black, blacklining where some more definition is needed

The result is totally different to any miniature I painted so far, using only inks; but I like the effect. The other rodents will be painted like this model.

Lumber Rodents

The pre-shading is done. I followed up with

  • Vallejo 70.870 Medium Sea Grey

  • Vallejo 70.989 Sky Grey

  • Vallejo 70.951 White

Next up is applying the washes.

If you have any experience with this technique, please feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Lumber Rodents

Next project is my third Dreadball team - the Veer-myn.

For them I decided on a painting technique I wanted to try for a long time: pre-shading.

I will try to build up the shadows with grey tones, and then apply only inks and washes to colour the models, leaving the pre-shading showing through. Let's see how this will turn out...

I started by applying a base coat of Vallejo 71.097 Base Grey with my airbrush, followed by a wash of 1/2 water and 1/2 Vallejo 72.094 Black.

When this was dry, I started by drybrushing 72.050 Cold Grey.

This was all for now, but will be followed by 3 more drybrushing stages.


I forced myself to bring the painting of this group of models to an end this weekend, so here is the last batch.

Took long enough...


I finished the 8 Bots, just in time for the first game with this box tomorrow. It was a lot of fun to paint these and a welcome change from painting 'serious' models, with their cartoonish character, big eyes, etc.