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Imperial Flush Space Marines

Another project pending for way too long, when de-flashing and assembling the Battletech miniatures, I had the tools out to also finally continue on these models.

I made a mold from instant mold from an old terminator model (like two years ago already...), as I needed a gloved hand on a trigger for the rotary storm bolter replacements.

The casting is a bit crude, I filled both halves and then pressed them together.

I had two possibilities in mind of how to use the arms, and decided for the right one; the left one looked too unbalanced.

The sergeant got one of the hammers again.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and terminator with flamer.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and sergeant with rotary storm bolter and power hammer.

More Halberdiers

The second unit is done.

More Halberdiers

The command group is finished.

Here the first unit is shown complete.

More Halberdiers

The rank and file models of the first unit are done. As their equippment comes from non-industrialized craftsmen, I wanted quite some variety in the unit, which I tried to achieve with a very sophisticated system:

  • The models are numbered in the bottom of the base to make sure they align well. I placed them in a random manner without looking at the bottom as shown.
  • I painted the quilted armour down the three columns in three different browns.
  • I painted the legs of each rown in one colour.
  • With the leg colour, I painted three models diagonally starting in the next row.

This way I tried to ensure the most random colour distribution.

For the clothes, I used the information in this post and choose the winter palette.

After adding the static grass, I placed the models in their designated places and enjoyed the random distribution of colours among the unit members :-)

More Halberdiers

I removed the cast on flags from the Mirlition models to replace them with brass rod.


When test placing the models, I reckognized that the Mirlition are noticably smaller than the Black Tree ones :-( This won't do.


Luckily, my lead pile included some more models from Black Tree's 100 years war range. I used some knights on foot for the unit leader and standard bearer. I had enough Halberdiers to fill out the unit to 16, but only in the later round helmets. As I have one unit in earlier rim helmets, I had to convert two models. First I cut off the helmets.

With Instant Mould and plaster I cast two helmets and glued them on.


For the bases I used metal ones from Products for Wargamers. On the underside I numbered them with a Proxxon Precision drill FBS 240/E so that deploying the units will not be a puzzle game each time.


The standard bearers got a pole from brass rod and all the models were based. The only thing missing now are two instruments to attach to two models. I am not sure which I will use (horns, drums, ...) and if I will buy some or do them myself.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nadir Steppe Riders

I used Instant Mould, to make a form of a horse tail, to replace the missing one. The actual cast was done with miliput pressed into both halves, with one half filled over the brim. In the other I put a piece of wire, to be used as a pin when gluing the tail to the horse.

Next I applied some plaster to the bases to smooth out the integral bases of the horses and not have them sitting on a small hill. I added some larger stones to the plaster. Afterwards, the bases where covered in PVA glue and sanded.

There are two riders with open hands, from brass rod I cut one banner pile and one spear.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Dwarf Reinforcements

The axemen are done except for the bases and shields.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Dwarf Reinforcements

Some progress on the axemen.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Dwarf Reinforcements

The spearmen and axemen still need shields. To tie them in more with the GW models, I took the last three unused plastic GW Dwarves I have and made a mould of the shields with Instant Mould, then started to cast them with dental plaster.

Free Trader Crew

I continued work on the Free Trader Crew. First up is the Pilot, who also drives the mule to get cargo to and from the ship.

I wanted to paint the model on foot at the same time as the seated model. When I had both besides each other I noticed, that in my first attempt to give the seated drived the head of the Pilot, I grabbed one of the Security Specialist models... :-(

Out came the knife, off went the head and I instant moulded the correct head.

I then tried to sculpt the shirt of the original model on the seated driver.

Then came the painting. Orange suit and hawaian shirt.

After some colourful splotches, I tried to paint on some flower shapes in dark green - according to my wife I managed to archive the look of a childs painting attempts, but not a hawaian shirt look...

Here is the complete vehicle with driver seated and standing. The great panel on the front cries out for the Free Trader Crew logo - another decal I need to design and have custom printed.