[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Another project pending for way too long, when de-flashing and assembling the Battletech miniatures, I had the tools out to also finally continue on these models.

I made a mold from instant mold from an old terminator model (like two years ago already...), as I needed a gloved hand on a trigger for the rotary storm bolter replacements.

The casting is a bit crude, I filled both halves and then pressed them together.

I had two possibilities in mind of how to use the arms, and decided for the right one; the left one looked too unbalanced.

The sergeant got one of the hammers again.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and terminator with flamer.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and sergeant with rotary storm bolter and power hammer.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Here are the models in their current state deployed in formation. The extra four models are replacement weapons for the support weapons in the fire teams, regulating firepower depending on mission requirements.

Still to do:

  • static grass for the bases
  • replace the flimsy, broken plastic rods with metal rods
  • create and paint the back banners
  • create the decals for the shoulder pads. I don't want to paint the chapter icon on all these models as a free hand design...

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Today I put the last touches to the command models:

The lieutenants have personal heraldy on their right shoulder pads, and on the upper leg/shoes. Both models had two stripes sculpted on the left arm, which I also painted in yellow like the rank badges on the Sergeants. Both officers have a plume on their helmet which I painted in a darker blue than the other blue parts on all the models.

The Captain has quite some parts painted in gold to distinguish him even more than his helmet already does.

The apothecary has a white right shoulder pad and helmet, both showing the Helix badge in blue. Otherwise, the apothecary is painted like a common Marine.

The Librarian is mostly clad in a dark blue robe. The Lexicanum badge is painted on his forehead, he also has a gold decoration on the helmet.

Next steps are painting the rocks on all the bases.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

The command models are being painted, here the current status.

During the last two weekends, I was also working on my Terminator models, here the current status:

They are ready to be glued together, I only need to do some sculpting work on the right arms, where I cut off the original weapons.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Last squad done. Now only the command models, medic and psyker are missing.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

With the last squad nearly done, and only the command models left for painting, I started to work on the last models of these alternative Space Marines. Don't ask my why, but when I prepared the other miniatures, I did not prepare the Terminators - time to change that.

The models are again from Alternative Armies, Desteria models:

I have two arm variants. One of the right arm shown below I will use as a heavy flamer. All the other weapons will be replaced, see below.

The hammer will again be given to the squad leader, as with the other models. All weapons, except one heavy flamer (see above), will be replaced by the miniguns shown below. All these weapons are from http://maxmini.eu/.

The models were delivered with the round lipped bases, which I will replace with the old style ones.

I also tried to fit the models to a 25mm base, as the Terminators in Rogue Trader were, but they are way to large.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

The second to last squad is done. Only one more and the commanders to go.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Another squad done. As with the other squad, all the exposed flesh areas will be painted in one go across all the fire teams.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

After only three month, the next fire team is done.

At this rate it will only take me another year for the whole force...

A gaming board in a weekend

The buildings were finished by painting the windows Extra Dark Green and the doors and hatches in German Grey.

The smaller hill I cut into two:

I also removed one arm from the river:

To finish the hills, I added static grass:

It is now 11:43 pm and the board is ready for gaming (well, except the varnish drying on the hills and buildings):

Mission accomplished :-)

One gaming board done in one weekend, and that although we played BattleTech yesterday and had visitors with us today.